mrs goldbey’s reviews

Three reviews from Mrs Goldbey, thank you for reading! – Admin.

  • Beck – Really good. Needs the 16+ rating. 9/10
  • The Stars at Oktober Bend – It took me a long time to get in to but I did enjoy it in the end. 6/10
  • Wolf Hollow – I really enjoyed this book. Not my usual type of book but I found it really interesting and engaging. 9/10

the stars at oktober bend review by stasia smith

Thank you for the review, Stasia – Admin

I thought The Stars at Oktober Bend was a very good book. Once you started to understand the plot, it was so interesting. I loved learning about Alice and Manny and how their stories tied up. It was quite hard to get grips at the start of the book, but I really enjoyed it! The poems in it were so beautiful and rather quaint.


salt to the sea review by kimberley mackenzie

Another review of the Salt of the Sea – Admin.

I thought that this book was very interesting. This book intrigued me within the first couple of pages. Once I had started this book, I was determined not to put it down, I just wanted to keep reading.

However, this book is quite depressing. It has got sad moments, but then it turns itself around. I would not recommend this book if you don’t like a lot of reading. This book can also make you think about you have just read. You have to think about the story line just to make sure that you understand it more.

Salt to the Sea is set in the olden times. It is set when Hitler and Stalin were at war. This book is all about how people are trying to board a ship called the Gustloff to try and get to a safe place to live. This book in a way reminded me of the Titanic because about three quarters of the way through it becomes very tragic and powerful.


the stars at oktober bend review by mrs wateridge

Thank you for this fantastic review, Mrs Wateridge! – Admin
This book as so beautiful, I actually cried at the end !
It is written in short chapters through a young girl who has suffered so much in many circumstances and then also through a young man who enters her life and has a tragic past of his own. The story unfolds through some of the girls poetry and we learn more about both of their pasts slowly as the chapters flow.
It deals with so many issues; the brutality of war, the bonds of family, love, compassion, forgiveness, ‘comeuppance’ and everyday teenage issues. It is so sad in places, but beautiful and hopeful in others. So cleverly written.
A deserving winner for me!

railhead review by mrs lock

Thank you, Mrs Lock for the review! Keep reading! – Admin.

Although an intriguing new world, written in a lot of detailed description which enables you to believe the world that has been created, I found the story slow with too many unanswered questions. It reads like a book two was already written. I did get to the end, but it was a hard push, I wish I hadn’t bothered.